FERS TSP Matching Money

Want to double your money?

You need to know about the FERS TSP Match.

FERS employees can get special matching money from their agency in their Thrift Savings Plan account.

The amount of matching money from your agency depends on how much money *you* put into your TSP.

Two Types of Matching Contributions

There are actually two different types of matching contributions you can get:

  • The Automatic 1% Contribution
  • Agency Matching Contribution
You can get both - but they have different rules about how long you have to work for the government before you can keep the match money and its earnings.

Even if you are not putting anything into your TSP, your agency will automatically contribute 1% of your basic pay into your TSP.

But if you *do* contribute to your TSP, you will get both types of contributions. You will get the automatic 1% match, as well as the Agency Matching contributions.

How Much is the Match?

Take a look at this chart from the TSP website...

FERS TSP, TSP Matching Contributions

Vesting Rules for TSP Matching Money

You are always vested in your Agency Matching Contributions. That means that if you leave your Federal job (separate from service) - you can keep the money your Agency contributed. You are also entitled to keep the earnings off of that money.

But if you separate from service before completing three years of Federal civilian service – you may not get to keep the money and earnings from the Automatic 1% Match.

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